Saturday, August 8, 2009

Father's Day in Knoxville

Father's Day weekend, I flew to Knoxville for some meetings at the University of Tennessee. It was nice because I got to be with my Dad on Father's Day.

Saturday night, I got to hang out with Laddy (my cousin), Amy and Ellie. Ellie was born when we were home for Christmas, so this is the second time I have seen her. Ellie is a riot. She is a good baby; she was not fussy at all at dinner. When we got to Laddy's and Amy's, we played for a while, gave her a bath, and put her to bed. Didn't hear her cry once.

Sunday, I had lunch at Beaverbrook Country Club with my parents, Uncle Stan and Aunt Lou, and my cousin Reid, his wife Renee, and their kids Kara and Ryan. It is always good to get to see family when I go home.

The lunch was very good, and it was nice because I bumped into some other old friends at the club. It was a beautiful day. Beaverbrook is really beautiful in the spring and early summer.

(Picture below of my Mom and Uncle Stan) REFLECTIONS - Bean and the Taxi Crab

A couple of weeks ago, Brian Bean, one of my roommates from college came to Philadelphia with his son Wesley and our friend Shane Pledge and his son Matthew to see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Philadelphia Phillies.

Bean grew up near St. Louis and moved to Winchester, VA in high school. He and Kevin Tharp were my roommates my sophmore and junior year. Brian's dad lives in Wilmington, DE, about 45 minutes south of Philly. Brian has always been a HUGE Cardinals fan, so he and Shane decided to do a road trip with their sons.

They drove to Washington DC to watch the Cardinals play the Nationals and then came up to Bean's dad's for the Phillies game on Saturday. We met them several hours before the game at Chickie and Pete's, a Philadelphia food landmark (if you ever come to Philly, you have to try Chickie and Pete's crab fries).

It was awesome catching up with them. We hung out for about 3 hours and then put them on the "Taxi Crab" to the stadium (about 1 mile away).

I was able to get some great video inside the Taxi Crab.

To conclude, I have a video of the Taxi Crab leaving. Be sure you have your volume turned up so you can hear the music playing.